Cupcake is basically the baby of regular cake, those small, round and fluffy baked spongy goodies every kid loves to have. A cupcake is a sweet spongy dough baked till perfection topped with butter cream frosting, fondants, marzipan or just dust with powdered sugar. With a wide range of flavors from chocolate cupcakes to tutti fruity or jelly filled to custard cream. Baked often in a paper container or now a days in reusable silicon moulds, design to serve on individual serving bases with the decorations and flavors of your choice. A cupcake is made up of same regular ingredients used to make a normal sized cake; butter, sugar, eggs and flour.

A very popular technique to bake instant cupcake is a mug cake, quick and easy to make , no pre heating the oven , just mix the ingredients in a mug and pop into the microwave for few minutes and tan taran the cake is ready to eat.

Every bakery and confectioners offer a range of cakes and cupcakes, but the addiction of cupcake is due to those store bought easily available and pocket friendly version of cupcake selling by brands like Hilal, Euro , Dawn etc. These cupcakes are easily available in the market, can be purchased by kid from a nearby general store and have a much longer shelf life.

Now a days many companies are making cupcakes , some of them are discussed here.

Hilal cupcake:-

Hilal cake mazay ka break!!! This beautiful jingle line of the hilal cupcake new add is so entertaining and appealing. Hilal group is a brand offering any candies, bubble gum amd biscuit etc since decades. Hilal cupcake are the pioneer in the store bought cupcake race in Pakistan. They offer a range of cupcake including plain, vanilla, jelly filled and most recently custard cream and choco-vanilla cupcakes. They are available in themarket in very economical rates , 10 Pak rupees for a single cupcake.

Euro cupcake:-

Euro is a big name in supplying cakes in the market, they are currently serving pound cake, loaf cake, marble caes etc with a very fresh quality and awesome taste. Euro cupcakes come in variety , simple euro cupcakes, zingee cupcakes with a new shape, Swiss roll, muffins etc. They are also very economical and a long shelf life.

Dawn cupcake:-

Dawn is  childhood friend of every kid in Pakistan. We just love to eat dawn bread,the freshest bread in town. Likewise their cupcakes are also the freshest one in town. One thing makes the Dawn cupcake different from others is the packaging, these cupcakes ate in transparent plastic packets with relatively less shelf life. It means they add less preservatives in their cakes , which is a plus point and stand these cakes out from the rest .

There are many other brand cupcakes such as kolson, peki etc available in the market with more or less variety, but chose the best for you kids as there are thing not good for our health available. We have to select best for us. Keep the addiction mode on . Eat healthy stay healthy.

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