Hilal panbahar review


Hello guys!!!

How are you???
After a long time I’m here with a cute and mini review.
It’s about mouth freshner……

So , as most of us likes a refreshing taste every now and then in our mouth. And you know what I am a big fan of pan( beetle leaf with fennel seed and all). And on the other side I don’t like overpowering mouth freshner. I like to have a milder sweeter version of chewy mouth freshner, not the type which is grainy..
Hilal sweets come up with a very refreshing minty flavor of mouth freshner in the name.of” PANBAHAR “
And they nailed it . Its a mixture 9f coconut, glucose syrup, and mint flavor. As simple as that.

The package is aweome , a nice mini tub with a tearable sheat on top, inside is two pistachio green coconut coated sweet and minty balls , these are soft and chewy…. Yummmm.
It’s as cheap as just 5 pak rupees..
Oh my gosh i am loving it.
Do try it and give me a thumbs up for introducing this treat to you people

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