Recipe courtesy by Almira kamran.

Ingredients for muffins:

Chicken mince        500gm

Bread crumbs        1/2cup

Oil                             1tbsp

Egg                          1

Onion chopped          1/2 cup

Oregeno                       1/2tsp

Salt                            1 tsp

Black pepper              1/2 tsp

Garlic cloves               2 freshly chopped

Green chilies              4-5 finely chopped

Tomato paste              3 tbsp

Hot sauce                      4-5 tbsp

Cheddar cheese           1/2 cup shredded

Mozerella cheese         cubes

B.BQ sauce                   1/2 cup


Mix all the ingredients except bbq sauce and mozerella cheese. In a muffin tray pour the mince mixture with spoon in muffin liners. Press mozerella cheese cube in to the centre of the muffin. Brush the muffins with B.Bq sauce. In a preheated oven bake the muffins for 35-45 mins. Check with a skewer if its done. Serve with garlic mash potatotes.

For garlic mashed potatoes:


Boiled potatoes    1/2 kg

Garlic          1 head

Butter        3 tbsp

Milk              1/4 cup

Cream         3 tbsp

Salt n peppr as to taste

Aluminum foil and oil for roasting garlic


Boil potatoes. Roast a whole garlic head in oven. Squeeze all the garlic in mashed potatoes. Add butter. Milk. Cream and salt n pepper



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