Asalam oalaikum

Hope you all are doing good !!!

Enjoying this hot scorching summers?

In karachi this year MAY & JUNE decided to blow some extra hot air to us. Sun is scorching and our bodies suffer with prickly heat so do our face has to host UNWANTED GUEST named PIMPLES…..

For that we need some extra care. So started trying some new DIY’s with store bought products to balance out.

May it be anything i do, i never forget to use HIMALAYA PURIFYING NEEM FACEWASH in summers for extra care and to avoid unwanted pimples every summers.

Let me introduce the product:

?This facewash claims to be SOAP FREE(it has to be otherwise it shouldn’t be called FACEWASH)

?It contains NEEM & TURMERIC as core ingredients.  Both ingredients are known for their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  Neem helps fught bacteria that cause pimples and turmeri reduce inflammation to prevent marks.

?This facewash is specially formulated with 100%herbal actives of NEEM & TURMERIC.

Cost 220 pak rupees for a 100 ml tube

PACKAGING soft light green transparent tube  with a dark green flip cap



?it clean face gently

?it is soap free and hence its lather is kinda bubbly instead of creamy

?it actually help reduce acne and pimple appearance

?it is dermatologically tested

?best for summer greasy skin

?it won’t  make your skin greasy for a longer period of time

?easily available in the market

?best for oily to normal skin types


?as other store bought products  its ingredient list is full of chemicals ?‍♀️

?not at all good for dry skin

Rating ????/5

What is your favorite Facewash in summers? 

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