It is a finished crime that Saab is in prison and notwithstanding the best endeavours of malicious hub of forces, he is in the ‘news’.


Exactly how did this occur? It happened on account of the intensity of people from around the world. They raised a voice for the man who has been at the cutting edge of a worldwide philanthropic exertion.


It was anything but difficult to capture a man based on exaggerated accusations which the world will submissively accept. It is significantly harder to get the world to accept that he is blameless. So natural to slap charges and guarantee thought processes. He has been called names and has been made an antagonist of the piece.


Yet, you simply don’t comprehend that the man is an honourable soul. He has accomplished great work far and wide and particularly in Venezuela. He can be put down, however not for eternity. He will develop more grounded from this emergency.

He has been blamed for various things. In any case, there is just no confirmation to affirm any of those charges. It has been an old strategy to put a decent man down, however they don’t understand that they can’t put a decent man down. Investigate the deliberate mission by the manikins of Cape Verde. They have tangled themselves up to by one way or another ensure that a few charges stick on Saab.


However, up until this point, their slanderous attack has not succeeded. Let us trust that this fight for equity carries some great to the individuals of Cape Verde as well. There must be a change even in Cape Verde, so they don’t become subjugated once more.


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