Who doesn’t have a family dinner on weekends? I am sure each one of us loves to spend Saturdays and Sunday’s with family, may be visiting a park before sunset, or enjoying rides in chunky monkey or onerland etc. , a lon drive and then sea view trip , what ever it may be it always ends on a dinner at a fancy place or dhaba. Because obviously your better half needs a break from cooking on weekends atleast. 

Bringing food home and then enjoy our favorite meal is a norm at my place. It annoys me most, i had to take all the food in plates serve it to everyone then wiping and cleaning process starts, so that would not be an off for me. 

This sunday I  insisted my husband to take us out instead of bringing food at home. After a long yes no session he eventually agree to take us to a new eatery , that is quite far to our house(that leads us to  a long drive automatically).

This Sunday we went to khanji restaurant Karachi  located at the E-street dha. Inspired by truck art and deep hues, the newly opened venture has an aesthetically designed ambience which has a good impact on ones mood. The interior is dark and yellow toned. The wall is decorated with paintings of birds and animals. Seats are comfortable and soft.

We have vouch365 app and we planned to avail two vouchers from the app. We used buy one chicken steak get another free and buy one chicken BBQ item and get another  free (taxes and service charges applied). With mutual understanding we ordered; TERRAGON STEAK , PEPPER STEAK, CHICKEN SHEESH TAUK AND CHICKEN RESHMI KABAB. Cold drinks and paratha/naan are a must.

Food arrived in no more  than 15 minutes. The bbq items were foil wrapped to ensure piping hot food, steak were served in tray.


Golden grilled juicy chicken breast hammered and seasoned with tarragon spices topped with creamy rich tarragon sauce served with french fries and sauteed veggies as side line. Chicken is mild in flavor, juices are intact and tarragon flavor is clearly felt. I would rate 8/10


Chicken  breast hammered and seasoned with salt and  black pepper toasted  on a grill until well done. Whitesauce seasoned soy sauce and black pepper is topped and served with a cheese slice  sauteed veggies and our choice of sideline rice. The steak can be a bit more spicy as it was supposed to. I would rate 7/10. 


Minced chicken seasoned with mild spices and grilled on skewers till nice and tender. I would rate 7/10.


Big pieces of boneless chicken is marinated in a secret blend of spices cooked on charcoal until a soft velvety texture achieved. I would rate 9/10.

The portion size is amazing, staff is always there to treat us, welcome us and with a blink of  our eyes they were there to fulfil our demand. I really like the cutlery and behavior of the staff apart from the food.

Bill is attached for the expenditure details.

I would definitely go back and enjoy their food as my experience is quite amazing. 

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