Having thin and unruly hairs are worst nightmare and feels like a curse. We can do nothing but to manage them any how so they look a little better.

I have been dealing with thin hair since so long as i am  thyroid patient i had to take care of them more than usual. I have cam across with this @palmerspakistan brand that has:

❌ no paraben

❌ no phthalate

❌ no mineral oil

❌ no gulten

I choose their ANTI-DANDRUFF SCALP SCRUB SHAMPOO for itchy and flaky scalp.

This shampoo claims to deeply clean, relieve scalp itching and strengthen hair . Made with oure jamaican castor oil and 100%pure olive oil.

?Texture is thick and contains tiny exfoliatung particles.

?Non creamy formula with a pleasent fragrance.

?Cool mint can be felt during message

After using half of bottle for about a month i come to the conclusion that  by far this product fulfill what it claim.

It gently cleanse the scalp and exfoliates dandruff off the scalp. The itchiness is reduced to almost no itching. Hair and scalp feel clean and healthy. Hairfall is reduced to a level that i am hoping continuous use of this shampoo can benefit my hair.

All in all a product worth trying


Definitely going to buy this again.


Ps i am using this shampoo alternatively with my regular shampoo.


Cost me around 800 pak rupees


Bought from @shazzmart (my go to place i can trust the products are original)



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