Skin Care is a brand which is now gaining popularity amongst Pakistan’s public for glowing fresh and moisturized skin. They have a range of products including soaps,lotions, face wash and creams . This company claims to naturally whitens skins and the products are made of real goat milk and other natural ingredients such as turmeric,fruits and saffron etc.

Today the product which is reviewed here is Skin White gold beauty soap.

Product claim:

  • Instant radiance
  • Deep clean
  • Moisturize
  • Leaves Skin healthy and glowing

Skin White gold beauty soap is made from vegetable base with high grade oils of avocado and grape seed. It provide excellent moisturizing to the skin making it soft, smooth and glowing. Exotic floral extract have been used to make the complexion fairer.

Unlike ordinary soaps, Skin White gold beauty soap doesn’t dry the body after taking your shower.
The Rich creamy lather instantly replenish the moisture level leaving the skin healthy and nourished.

For more information:

A product of Skin Care company Pakistan.

Price: 100 Pak rupees

My take on the product:

I’ve previously tried this brand product before and it is quite satisfying. But with this specific soap I am disappointed with some of the aspects.
  • Bad scented,it might be possible i personally don’t like the fragrance of this soap at all.
  • The price is too much according to​ the quantity, though there is no mention of the weight , it is my idea the soap is around 100 gms.
  • It doesn’t lather well , not at all creamy lather.
  • The caramel yellow color of the soap is not at all appealing.
  • Its a must to apply deoderant immediately after bath because the fragrance is not lasting.

So, all in all it doesn’t damage the skin if you can afford an ordinary soap in a higher price you can purchase it and use it. It doesn’t dry out the skin. I would not recommend this soap .

The rating is 2 out of 5 .


The review is not paid , the product is purchased by the writer and the writer is independent on reviewing the product. No one influenced​the writer.

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